Onika Best Newsletter November 2012

Culture Fest 2012 – Fighting with peace not for it.

Culture Fest  was the name of this movement, held by the Spanish Town, and it was certainly filled with culture of all kinds – American, Asian, European, and African.  It was a day of music, dance, culinary, and craft fit for royalty.  Some of the best sculptors were out and about.

The world drum was also a part of the opening ceremony.  The world drum was made in Australia and has been around the world, with its message of peace.

AJ the Little Gombey is a cultural icon reflecting Bermuda’s indigenous culture, and the children were totally delighted to have them in their presence.  AJ is also represented in the USA by Andrew Williams Jr where he is known as Ambassador AJ for his outreach to the international community based at Leimert Park in Los Angeles.

Onika Best, AJ the Little Gombey and Andrew Williams Jr

Onika Best performed at Bermuda CultureFest

On the Saturday she took to the unity stage, doing drum and vocals.  She also participated in an adlib section with the talented TJ Gibson, from LA with the voice of gold.

On the Sunday night, she closed culture Fest with a forty-five minute set, on the world stage,  that included songs from her upcoming album and singles that are released.. The favorite  for the night was her re-mix of El Verno Del Congos,  Grasshopper Man, A Real Mamma’s Boy, and I am the Wind.

They also enjoyed her newly penned song Cowboy Town, which she did in a capella in June, and this time she added the music.  Yes…she started with her cowboy suit and cowboy hat, and boots, to say the least.  It was a night to remember.

TJ Gibson

Onika Best and T.J. Gibson will soon be working together for a musical union of bliss. Stay tuned…

Night of the Matriarch

Night of the Matriarchs, Estrogen was a continuation of the Culture Fest vibes – unity in the community, fighting with peace not for it. It was a night featuring Onika BestYiisa AdonaiSpring Flower and Roseanne Roberts. It was a night of healing, revealing, and good vibes. It was poetry, dance, discussion, with a hint of song.

This is a time for that mother leaders must come together and help make things right through compassion understanding and fighting with peace. The culture arts haas always been the tool that everyone can understand. It is a universal language. There was moments that moved the audience and a young man got up and spoke his heart. It moved everyone. At least once a month the sisters need to come together, to find solutions to things that are problems for the betterment of our community. It is up to us to work with our patriarchs of the universe.

“Night of the Matriarchs” artwork by Onika Best

What a blessing it was when the rain came down like cats dogs and horses at exactly 7pm. It was a rainy night in Bermuda.  It felt like it was raining all over the world.  Yet the matriarchs of Bermuda still found their way to Court Street Hamilton, for a night of healing, sharing, venting and just good vibes.  The ladies where awesome.

We always encourage our men to balance us, so it was good, that they too were there. There was outburst at times from certain men who did not agree with things that were said, but nevertheless, that is what the night was all about.  Onika Best opened with a poem with the drum called “from the top of my head.”  It was about how the woman loves her real man. It was seductive yet to the point and true.

Yiisa Adonia, was the lady with discussion for the night and touched on illusions and how it effect the woman, who understands it not. That discussion became hot, and testrons introduce another way to see it.

Roseanne Roberts

Roseanne Roberts, spoke to the audience with her ministry dance.  It was magical.  Everyone in the audience was touched by the way she executed her dance and believed every word she said through her expression.  Rose-anne even had the audience participate, by shouting things like, patience, energy, love, etc.

Spring Flower

We ended the night with Spring Flower, who delivered a serious conversation and poetry that was on time, and well needed. It was so received that a young man went on stage to speak about his mom and the love he has and gained from Spring Flowers initial speech. Holding on to our sons as mothers in the correct way and in the time frame they need it. Not when it is too late(if it is ever to late) The sisters shared fish, chicken, shrimps, fruit, vegetable, and cookies. It was real sisterhood.

The sistahs ended the night with the voice of T.J. Gibson. It was magic!

Recipe of this edition: Codfish and Potatoes

First Steps

  • Soak cod-fish overnight
  • Peel potatoes for boiling
  • Onions, garlic, fresh tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, egg plant, zucchini, fresh herbs and olive oil. Banana, and avocado.

Next Steps

Boil the cod-fish and potato till it is cooked and prepare sauce by frying all the above ingredients, except banana and avocado, which is eaten on the side. After frying ingredients add water and very little or no salt to taste, and serve. It is also served with turn cornmeal, which we in Barbados calls “cou cou”.

Stay tuned for next edition, coming from Costa Rica!