MahDah Urf



Onika Best Productions is the creativity division of the MahDah Urf Company (“MahDah Urf”) which was established on July 25th 2008, given under the hand of the Registrar of the Barbados Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Properties Office on the 28th of July 2008. The mandate of MahDah Urf is to foster good relations through music, food, fashion, and agriculture for the enjoyment of life and community growth. MahDah Urf is capable of holding food festivals, fashion festivals, music festivals, and agriculture ventures and festivals, with wide interest in green technology.

MahDah Urf is the creole name of a matrifocal development organisation that provides creative support to start-up communities in global emerging markets. MahDah Urf represents the vital role of womanhood in the establishment process as providers, Inspired by her inheritance of strong female influences from Bermuda, Barbados, Africa and the North American First Nations.  Onika has been able to fashion the signature design elements that give MahDah Urf its compelling ethos – “Mirror of Creation, Beautiful by Nature”.

This project reflects Onika Best’s interest in the promotion of food, fashion and music using earth sciences, permaculture and green technology. MahDah Urf reinforces Onika’s humanitarian programs by demonstrating how eco-friendly design can enhance social cohesion while fostering greater economic opportunity. In collaboration with local and international advocates, MahDah Urf will showcase cutting edge solutions for the grassroots orientated “sanctuary of the future”.