“The gift is this: any word that you say, I can write about it…anything that I see, I can relate to it…anything that I hear, I can translate…if not in words, in response”
(Onika Best, Founder)

Onika Best Productions (OBP) is a showcase for the creativity of the MahDah Urf Company and its multi-faceted proprietor, Onika Best. Onika Best is the drum. She is an appealing cultural elixir comprising her roots in Barbados (the gem of the Caribbean), Bermuda (a paradise seven hundred miles at sea) and Africa (her rightful home).

She is the daughter of June Dafoe – one of Bermudas’ finest dancers – and the late El Verno Del Congo BCH, the renowned Barbados master drummer and performer. When Onika lived in Bermuda, she was recognized in the art forms of drama, dance, production, modeling and craft.   Onika wanted a vehicle that could display all of her talent, and concluded that this could be made possible through music. She released her first album, Blak Kla Soyl the Chromatical in 2004, described as foundation music for your listening pleasure, to relieve the mind.

Onika Best has performed in Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Germany, England, and parts of the Caribbean.  She continues to perform in her hometown Barbados. Onika Best was presented with the “Principle of Creativity” Award by the commission for Pan African affairs, Barbados and was a nominee of the Barbados Music Awards.

Her new song “I am the Wind” was recently commissioned for the documentary film of the Caribbean Export Development Agency, entitled The Wind.  Onika Best also appears in the film as part of a delegation of artists including Belo from Haiti, Carrot Jarrett from Jamaica, and Allison Hinds from Barbados/London. They were each selected to showcase the value of Caribbean artist on the global stage.

Currently, she is recording her second record album to be released in 2013.  Onika performs solo, with a disc jockey or a full band.

The art of design is an intricate part of Onika Best’s approach to life. She is also a natural stylist and loves to work with other designers.  So far she has been sponsored by Amythest Richardson’s “Spirit Wear Designs” and “The Cut” beauty store by Janazzi’s has underwritten all of her make-up needs.  She has also been endorsed by Andrea King’s “Fifth Element” and Glen Brathwaite for Genki Designs, along with Uhuru Fashion specializing in African regalia. Versatility is her style, and the arts her passion.

Onika is presently involved in final preproduction of her fantasy book series “Liib the Ewwaf: True Queen of Hearts” that uses music, multimedia tools and live theater to recreate an adult love story for children.

Onika’s favorite motto is “Music is a Medicine, Not a Drug” and she stands for “unity in the community, fighting with peace not for it”.

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