Caribbean Export Cocktail Party is a HIT!

Caribbean Export, had their cocktail party last night (21st March) and it was in all finest, definitely something to talk about.

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Onika Best Newsletter March 2013

It is three months into the year, and let me tell you 2012, was an interesting year.  So we look forward to the future with peace, love, joy and harmony. NO, we won’t look back.

What’s up 4 the future?

A lot of things are going on for the future. One of them is the adult book for children entitled Liib, which will be released as an e book, and will be printed.  The book is an offspring from a painting that Onika Best created using the medium of oil and acrylic.  Onika said she used oil for the actual painting of the woman and acrylic around her symbolizing the potency of ones character and the things that can transpire around you that you do not control.  The Liib painting and book with the music of Onika Best will be launched in Los Angeles, at Leimert Park, under the promotions of the also creative mind of Bambou Diagne, of AD3 Promotions.  This will be a launch to remember as we also embrace fashion African style and good people. Continue reading

A Star is Born – Curiosity Fabulous the Griotte

All stories need a story teller and all story tellers need to be the star of the show. For the upcoming inauguration of Liib the Ewwaf: True Queen of Hearts we have created a celebrity character named “Curiosity Fabulous” who will be the human bridge between the audience and the imaginary world of Elementopia. Onika Best will play the role of Curiosity Fabulous as she reads the story of Liib at schools, bookstores and theaters during her upcoming international tour. Here is a sneak peak at the world of Curiosity Fabulous.

Curiosity Baptism

Curiosity Fabulous cools her head in a natural spring whilst walking through the forest.

The healing waters open the Third Eye of Curiosity Fabulous' imagination

The healing waters open the Third Eye of the Curiosity Fabulous’ inner imagination

Curiosity Fabulous goes into a mystical trance seeing into the invisible world

Curiosity Fabulous goes into a mystical trance seeing into the invisible world

Curiosity Fabulous discovers a hidden portal and is transported to a cave at the Admiralty House park in Bermuda

Curiosity Fabulous discovers a natural portal that is the hidden gateway to Elementopia

A Tribute to Lou Myers

FAREWELL TO OUR FRIEND On March 10, 2013 the friends and family of the veteran celebrity actor Lou Myers gathered at The Stinky Rose Restaurant in Los Angeles to commemorate his life. Onika Best was privileged to be invited to memorialize his life in word and in song, dedicating the music of “Lion Heart on Niginoth” in his honor. Continue reading

Unity Explosion 2013


The Ultimate Unity New Years Party, brought to you by Spanish Town,  proved to be an exciting one.  Some will say that it lacked fireworks as such, but even without the fireworks, Front Street was on fire with sounds from the Ultimate DJ Bubbles,  with the Ultimate host, Onika Best, keeping the venue alive.  Live entertainment was a hit.  Haz and his crew of rappers where a total delight.  Troika also made waves with Rihannas shine bright like a diamon, dancing the minutes of the old year to ring in the New Year.

Onika Best Newsletter November 2012

Culture Fest 2012 – Fighting with peace not for it.

Culture Fest  was the name of this movement, held by the Spanish Town, and it was certainly filled with culture of all kinds – American, Asian, European, and African.  It was a day of music, dance, culinary, and craft fit for royalty.  Some of the best sculptors were out and about. Continue reading