Onika Best has dedicated her life to the edification of all peoples. She invests deeply in her mantra “heal the mothers, heal the earth”. Her humanitarian and musical career is driven by the following themes.

Sanctuary of the Matriarchs

Onika Best is a  matriarch.  Her music is governed by sensitivity, connectedness and compassion.   She promotes the Sanctuary of the Matriarchy in collaboration with an existing network of matriarchs.  They  conduct conferences, workshops, and performances targeted at healing the universe, and contributing to charities for children, the elderly,  and the promotion of agape love. This matriarch foundation is also reflected in her music which serves as the public voice for reconciliation and healing.

The Rebirth of the Chromatical

The “Rebirth of the Chromatical” is a tribute to Onika Best’s debut album “Blak Kla Soyl – The Chromatical” of 2004 which featured a pioneering exploration of the traditional 12 note diatonic-chromatic scale of classical civilization. The chromatic scale was associated with sacred music in antiquity and served as a means of preserving the acoustic subtlety of liturgical self-expression. Onika Best’s iconic song “Asher Moon” is an excellent example of the way that the chromatic scale challenges the ear of the listener to appreciate the human dimension of a spiritual experience.

The “Rebirth of the Chromatical” will be produced, marketed, and domiciled in Leimert Park in Los Angeles, as it is fitting for the renaissance, of the grass roots community in the Western Hemisphere. It will also feature additional songs from Onika Best’s current repertoire. These include:

  • “I am the Wind” written by Onika Best and produced by ace Barbadian producer Nicholas Brancher, of which Treasure Island music is the executive producer. This anthemic song is the theme song for the Caribbean Export Commission documentary “The Wind”, taken in the Dominican Republic. It has also been nominated in the Independent Music Awards and plays on Switzerland Radio, and is on a Caribbean compilation of music.
  • “El Verno Del Congo” written and executed by Onika Best and produced by Nicholas Brancher, this song has already landed a spot on a Caribbean compilation of music and will be promoted with the rest of the music in Los Angeles.
  • “A Real Mamma’s Boy”, is a release from 2010 that still has lots of air play and leverage, and will be a song for the matriarch part of the work.
  • “Woman Celebrate” is a celebration of the different titles a woman carries and we celebrate life. These will also be a part of the tour.

The Onika Best Sounds Of Sanctuary Project

Sounds of Sanctuary (SOS) is a grassroots master planning initiative in Bermuda produced by Spanish Town Entertainment to build social cohesion in hardcore constituencies impacted by gun violence. SOS uses everyone’s common interest in music to achieve peace and mutual understanding in spite of their perceived differences.

Onika Best will help mobilize the global music world to support the SOS process using her own music together with celebrity outreach, community fund raising and exclusive live events. This campaign is to be called the Onika Best Sounds of Sanctuary Project.

The Onika Best SOS Project will use the international creative arts industries to bring the people of Bermuda, Barbados and the United States together in support of charitable works at the grass roots level in accordance with the SOS mantra “unity in the community world vibe, fighting with peace and not for it”. The Onika Best SOS Project will go directly into the community to ensure that the hungry are fed, the naked clothed, the age protected and the infants cared for.

The Onika Best SOS Project will conduct workshops for drumming and creative writing, after school programs and online education. The Onika Best SOS Project will conduct lectures for community matriarchs to help them find the balance with their patriarchs, through mutual healing and revealing. The overriding priority of the Onika Best SOS Project is to help the grassroots community find common ground for peace and execute it.