Drum & Song Griot Session

As a leading overseas organizer and representative of the Bermuda CultureFest, Onika Best returned home to Bermuda in June especially for the event, having lived in Barbados for the past 20 years. She is an accomplished master percussionist, vocalist, record producer and storyteller in her own right and was scheduled to showcase music from her new album on the Unity Stage at CultureFest.

She took the opportunity to host a Griot Session at the Chewstick Lounge on Court Street on Thursday, June 28 from 7-10pm to tell the story of Bermudian culture using her irresistible combination of theater, music and style.

Her performance was a Caribbean fusion of Sheila E, Sade and Lady Gaga. She took her audience on a visceral journey of poetry, drumming and song that transformed the conventional limits of feminine self-expression with her uninhibited passion for life.

Her Drum & Song Griot Session was used as an opportunity to mobilise local support for the CultureFest theme of “unity in the community” while also setting the tone for the Chewstick Summer Retreat that commenced later on Friday.

Onika’s presence on stage was true medicine for the soul, she embodied the sentiments of the esteemed Bob Marley when he says “one good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain”.